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on the president's defense of that remark. >> i saw the face of richard nixon. i saw the same anger, the same contorted expression and the same arrogance. everybody knows what obama said or didn't say, yet he is claiming that he said something that he didn't say. >> reporter: so, we're just beginning these investigative processes. we'll find out much more in the weeks and months to come. but there is no doubt that incalcuable damage has been done to the white house's ability to carry out its second term agenda. whether or not it is irrevocable remains to be seen, jenna. >> we'll see where it goes from here. thank you, doug. jon: on the benghazi attack there are new developments the heads of the independent panel that reviewed what is went wrong in libya say they want to go before congress. why they want to testify now. >>> iran suspected for years trying to build a nuclear weapon is heading a u.n. forum on disarmment. how did that happen and what is the united states going to do about it, coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] from the way the bristles move to the way they clean, once you try an o
efforts to find a political and diplomatic solution. now, on missile defense you asked me whether the change of the so-called phased adapt cannive approach -- adaptive approach could also facilitate closer cooperation with russia on missile defense. and that's an important question. my answer would be, yes, i think it should. because the russian concerns so far have primarily been related to the fourth phase. and now phase four as actually been abolished. and so if there is a political will in moscow to actually cooperate, i think that could pave the way for an agreement as to how nato and russia could cooperate on missile defense. let me stress, having said that, the fact that phase four, the fourth and final phase has been abolished does not change that the whole of the population in european nato nations will be covered by the nato missile defense system because the first three phases will be imelemented as planned, and that will -- implemented as planned, and that will cover all populations in european nato nations. i was asked when will the occupation of an end. ko
in town tomorrow night. >>> elsewhere reds at phillies, bottom 2 , great defensive play, from the high corner having a diving stop and he's out at first. philly wins 3-2. >>> in pittsburgh pirates catcher mike mchenry signing an autograph for a young fan at home plate. a long run and he makes the shoestring catch. pirates 1 -0. >>> women's lacrosse, the salisbury team avenge their 2012 loss in a championship game division three for ncaa. they won the 2013 third team today over connecticut on this given sunday, a hard day's night for elana petanna scores four games in women's lacrosse. >>> got some nba playoffs? we've got it, western conference finals, quincy poindexter. too little too late for the grizzlies in game one of the best of seven series because san antonio so full of vitality on the defensive boards, plenty of gas in their running game and the hot hand of tony parker, 20 points, nine assists as the spurs take care of business 105-83. that's sports. see you at 11:00. >> thanks so much. >>> be sure to tune into cbs tonight at 9:00 for superstars immediately followed by wjz eyew
's ever testified in his own defense. on wednesday he was allowed one hand to be unshackled so he could explain evidence presented to show how his former attorney had poorly represented him in his 2008 case. that case centers around charges of theft and taking hostages at gun point in a las vegas hotel room as o. j. simpson was trying to reclaim memory beihl i can't. he said gantter not advised him well enough on what to do in that attempt to claim his things back and that the attorney was too dominant a character that he dared question his judgment. take a listen. >> yale is in charge. he makes no bones so that everybody that works with him knows that he's the guy that's in charge and it goes through him. he would tell me often not to talk to them, just talk to him. >> in response to that on friday, we saw an infuriated galanter make a heated outburst about the accusation being insane. e pes watching the exchanges say actually things appear to be falling into o.j.'s favor. >> if you look at the way he was this week on the witness stand and just use the other people as comparison, unbel
're hearing from those defense attorneys, pam. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. defense attorneys spoke to one of our affiliates, wkyz and said that castro will plead not guilty if he faces kidnapping and rape charges with an indictment from a grand jury. the lawyer said that castro has not admitted anything to them. we've been reporting that castro has confessed to authorities during interrogations. that's coming from law enforcement sources with firsthand knowledge of the investigation. we're not the only ones reporting that. our affiliates are reporting that as well. his attorneys are saying that he hasn't admitted anything to them and that they will mount the best defense that they possibly can. also, they talked about how they plan on moving the trial outside of cuyahoga county because of all of the media attention that this case has been getting and they talked about how the portrayal of ariel castro in the media has been unfair. let's take a listen. >> i think that the initial portrayal by the media has been one of a "monster" and that's not the impression that i got when i talked to hi
or greatly reduce it. >>> o.j. simpson says his ex-lawyer blew his defense. he's asking a las vegas judge to give him a new trial, throw out his convictions for armed robbery and kidnapping. will it work? we'll tack a closer look, next. we used to live with a bear. [growl] we'd always have to go everywhere with it. get in the front. we drive. it was so embarrasing that we just wanted to say, well, go away. shoo bear. but we can't really tell bears what to do. moooooommmmmm!!! then one day, it was just gone. mom! [announcer] you are how you sleep. tempur-pedic. at university of phoenix we kis where it can take you.cation (now arriving: city hospital) which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation. (next stop: financial center) let's get to work. spending a fortune on lunches out. yes, i am. you know, the average lunch out is about 6 bucks per meal? i know. let me show you something. walmart has a lot of great lunch options like this one, it's less than $3.00. that's great. yeah, if you swap out fast food lunches just 3 times per week, you can
. >>> donald trump took the stand in his own defense this week in a civil suit brought against him by an 87-year-old woman. things got a little feisty between him and the woman's lawyer. the judge, in fact, had to tell him to cool it. sara shulty has more. >> reporter: donald trump gives a peace sign as he walks into federal court, but inside the courtroom it was anything but peaceful. the real estate mogul went head to head with the lawyer questioning him. it it became so contentious between the two the judge stopped the proceedings, stood up and told trump and the attorney, this is not a boxing match. they demand they get control of themselves and take a deep breath. >> i think everyone was agitated. he had asked the same questions 15 different ways over and over again. is he a good attorney wsh personally, i don't think so. >> jacki goldberg is the mother of four who is suing the trump organization for a bait and switch job over two hotel condo units goldberg wanted to buy. she claims she was told the deal would include profits from the hospitality business. she says the trump organizati
not guilty. his attorneys saying that they are going to mount the best defense possible in this case and that they want to potentially move the trial out of cuyahoga county for a couple of different reasons. one, they think that will give him a fair trial. they believe, obviously, this case has been given so much media attention, that it will help to move it elsewhere. and it's also on the heels of another high profile case in cleveland where a man was convicted of murdering 11 women. they're concerned it would hurt the integrity of the trial if it does happen here in cuyahoga county. zoraida? >> i've got to tell you, there are probably not many people who have not followed this story very closely across the country. pamela brown live in cleveland. thank you. >>> laila fowler's 12-year-old brother will be in court today for the stabbing death of his sister. the 8-year-old girl was found dead in her california home last month. police now just releasing the 911 call that summoned officers to the scene. the children's stepmother crystal walters made the call. she never mentioned leila h
? the associated press phone tapping and the irs targeting have put the white house on the defensive and mired congress in hearings. so what does it mean for president obama's second term agenda? joining me now karen finney, msnbc host and former communications director and former press secretary under george w. bush. hello, you tw i'm glad to see you both. >> karen, i'll begin with you here. so the impact on all of this on the president's goals for the second term, how do you see it? a long-term impact or just short term. >> i think it's a mix. one of the things about each of these incidences, that we know a difference of the facts, than the beginning of the week particularly with regard to benghazi, so it is unclear what kind of long-term traction these things will have and look, what i think you will see the president continue to do and what he has to do is push forward with the agenda. the question becomes at some point americans are going to tire of the scandals. you have a third of congress now having investigations, and they're going to say, okay, but what have you done for me? how does
around his former lawyer. >> reporter: he was once o.j. simpson's defense attorney, but on friday, it was yale galanter who was on the defensive. >> i don't think i could have worked harder, done more, or -- i mean, i really did. i put every ounce of blood, sweat and soul i had into the defendant here. >> o.j.'s current defense lawyers are requesting a new trial for simpson, claiming galanter botched the 2008 trial where simpson was convicted of armed robbery of his memorabilia from dealers lawyers argue galanter mismanaged simpson's defense fund, failed to adequately challenge key pieces of the prosecution's evidence and gave o.j. bad advice. assertions galanter denies. >> i advised him, i didn't think she should testify. >> reporter: galanter said it was a the best advice he could give and dismissed plans he told him about retrieving the memorabilia before the incident. >> mr. simpson never told me the night before that he was going to go into the palace station, with a bunch of thugs that he asked to bring guns, keep people in a room and forcibly take his property back. and the
missiles today. south korea's ministry of defense said all three ended up in the sea off the korean's peninsula's east coast, and there is a maintain much readiness to act. >>> and number three -- or should i say $600 million? that's how much the jackpot is worth. it's the biggest prize in the game's history. you might not want to spend your winnings yet, because the odds of hitting all six numbers and the powerball number are 175 million to 1. if nobody pulls it off, next wednesday's jackpot could jump to $925 million. >>> number four, starting today same-sex couples in france can marry and adopt children, and that's after the president signed a controversial bill into law. conservative opponents filed the last ditch legal problem, and the bill is constitutional. france is now the ninth country in europe to allow same-sex marriage. >>> and a cia operatve thrown out in russia in january, and a representative of the russian federal security service says the agency is talking about the ins dent because it's just fed up with the u.s. ignoring its warnings about spy activity. this week
was injured. the plane's passengers included members of a russian pop band. >>> in south korea's defense ministry is confirming north korea fired three short range missiles today. they were fired away from south korean waters but south korea now says its army is on high alert. tensions had been strained on the korean peninsula rather after the u.n. sounds of gun fire and a jewelry heist are not unusual on the screen at the cannes film festival. this drama was very real. a 43-year-old man was arrested after firing a gun loaded with blanks during that interview where you see people on the set scrambling. it sent kristoff walsh running for cover as well. the suspect, a bit on that person. authorities won't identify him by name and did say that suspect told police that he believes in god and wants to change the world. he was examined by a psychiatrist that says he is not mentally ill. this drama comes after jewels worth more than a million dollars were stolen from a hotel room there in cannes as well. that happened on thursday. >> the jackpot, $600 million. better news, if there is a winner
.j. simpson's defense attorney, on friday, it was yale galanter on the defensive. >> i don't think i could have fought harder, done more, or -- i mean, i really did. i put every ounce of blood, sweat, and soul i had into defending him. >> o.j.'s current defense lawyers requesting a new trial for him. saying galanter botched the 2008 trial where he was convicted of armed robbery of memorabilia from two las vegas dealers. lawyers argued galanter mismanaged the defense funds, failed to adequately challenge key prees pieces of the prosecu evidence and gave o.j. bad advice. assertions galanter denies. >> i advised him i didn't think he should testify. >> reporter: galanter says it was the best advice he could give and dismisses claims by o.j. that he told him about the plan to get the memorabilia. >> mr. simpson never told me he would go into the palace station with a bunch of thugs, that he asked to bring guns, keep people in a room and forcibly take his property back, and the insinuation that i would have blessed it or anybody else with a license to practice law would have blessed it is insan
. the appearance follows a very tough week that the president had playing defense on several fronts. >>> coming up, a brand-new cnn poll looks at how president obama is doing so far in this second term. we'll have those results for you this morning on "state of the union" with candy crowley beginning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. >>> he was once known as a hero cop. he was even invited to watch president obama's first address to congress right there alongside the first lady. now, he is under arrest, facing shocking charges. >>> and any landing you can walk away from is a good landing and that definitely applies to this one at newark airport. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. >>> mortgage rates inching up, again, this past week. take a look. i am an american success story. i'm a teacher. i'm a firefighter. i'm a carpenter. i'm an accountant. a mechanical engineer. and i shop at walmart. truth is, over sixty percent of america shops at walmart every month. i find what i need, at a great price. and the money i save g
korea's military defense claims north korea has launch tleedhree short-range missiles off the east coast. seth is monitoring this from beijing. seth, good morning. >> good morning to you, tracy. two of those missiles was launched this morning, another one was launched later this afternoon, that according to the south korean defense ministry. it's not known why the north launched these three short-range guided missiles into the sea off the east coast, and these types of missile launches are not uncommon in north korea, but this does come amid stepped-up tension and diplomacy in north korean. north korea's leader had threatened all out war against the south and america this year. that ramped up sanctions against his country and those joint u.s.-south korean military exercises that were taking place. just recently the north had moved to mid-range missiles it had on the east coast that were believed to be able to reach guam. that was seen as a potential deescalation. but south korea is watching this latest move and says it will step up its surveillance on north ko
of state hillary clinton who was absolved of any wrongdoing. meanwhile former defense secretary donald rumsfeld the obama administration ever blamed the video. >> i can't imagine how a person could stand up there when everyone involved knew it was a terrorist attack, it was the anniversary of 9/11. the people were not demonstrators. they were well-armed. >>gretchen: ambassador susan rice went on five sunday talk shows, as you know, after the attack and blamed the video. >> james bond would have been ashamed. an american diplomat accused of being a spy ordered out of the country. a third secretary at our embassy was caught with a spy kit suitable for a ten-year-old, wearing a really bad blonde wig. you see it on him there. wait until you see when he stands up. i hope we have that. russia claims he tried recruiting a russian intelligence officer. fogel has been handed over to the u.s. embassy. he has diplomatic immunity that protects him from arrest. the state department only says he is an embassy employee. >> o.j. simpson expected to take the stand today. he says his lawyers botched his
. the department of defense threat reduction advisory committee from 2010 until today. and on the blue-ribbon commission on america's nuclear future from 2010-2012. dr. moniz is a fellow of the american association for the advancement of science, the humbolt foundation, and the american physical society. in 1998, he received the seymore cray hppc industry recognition award for vision, for leadership in advancing scientific simulation. dr. moniz received a bachelor of science degree summa cum laude in physics from boston college and a docke doctorate in theorel physics from stanford university. i've been privileged to know this man for a number of years. our older son was an undergraduate, mechanical engineer at m.i.t., graduated a few years ago. i remember holding a field hearing and -- at m.i.t., oh, gosh, about a half dozen or so years ago, and dr. moniz was one of our witnesses. and the thing -- among the things that i liked about him is he's so approachable. he's just -- we all hear the term "good guy." he's just a really good guy. sometimes we think of somebody as a professor, ivy
secretary tom perez. very quickly, the ap reporting today the nation's top defense leaders have been summoned to the white house to talk about the military's sexual assault crisis. women in uniform are losing confidence the problem will be solved. mr. obama planned a meeting today. defense secretary chuck hagel and members of the joint chiefs of staff is sectors of all the service branches. >> today, we are meeting at this time to consider the nomination of thomas perez to be secretary of labor. i'll have an opening statement. i will yield to senator alexander, and then we'll see if there's any further debate. our consideration of this nominee -- domination can be more time or import answer continues to move down the road economic recovery now more than ever we need strong leadership of the department of labor to help strengthen our fragile recovery and build a stronger revitalized american middle class. without question, tom perez has the knowledge and experience needed to guide is critically important agency. he has professional experiences and especially his work as secretary of t
assault cases at the base. on tuesday, defense secretary chuck hagel ordered retraining and new screening for those who deal with sexual assault prevention. last week officer jeffrey krezinski who led the program for the air force was arrested, accused of groping a woman in a parking lot. >>> for the first time ever, an unmanned drone took off from an aircraft carrier. it could revolutionize warfare. david martin was on the uss george h.w. bush for the maiden flight. >> reporter: responding to commands from a joy stick, the x-47-b moved into launch position. v.i.p.s from industry and the navy lined the rails. the x $47-b was about to attempt what had never been done before. the launch went off without a hitch. the u.s. navy entered a new era. rear admiral ted branch commands carrier aircraft in the atlantic. >> it's a marker of a line between naval aviation as we've known it and the future of naval aviation with the launch of the 47-b. >> reporter: as the carrier aboard h.w. bush steamed into the wind off the coast of virginia the x-47-b now flying itself in response to computer commands,
at the pentagon. good morning. >> good morning. defense secretary hagel will hold a press conference today to talk about the meeting with the president and explain what he plans to do about the embarrassing fact that service memb servicemen in charge of sexual assault prevention programs are being arrested themselves for sexual assault. after reading the pentagon's top military and civilian leaders, the commander in chief spelled out the stakes. >> not only shameful and disgraceful, but it also is going to make and has made our military less effective than it can be. >> reporter: the chief of the army issued a statement, admitting it is failing to combat sexual assault. >> i want to leave no stone unturned, and i want us to explore every good idea that is out there. >> reporter: there are hard profile cases like jeffrey krusinski, head of sexual assault prevention with the air force, now charged with groping a woman. and the army sergeant at ft. hood, in charge of sexual assault prevention, under investigation for assault and prostitution. then there are the numbers, which senator barbara boxer sa
ago i was on the telephone with secretary of defense chuck hagel. it was a somber conversation. we were talking about the recent disclosure, the most recent disclosure yesterday of sexual assault in the military. the secretary said he was beside himself. with the knowledge that this continues. and he was going to do something about it and i trust that he will. last night we learned of the latest most reprehensible incident. the army is investigating a sexual assault prevention and response coordinator at fort hood, texas, for being engaged in sexual abuse and other alleged crimes. secretary hagel has called for retraining of all coordinators and recruiters. i know he's upset about that. i join him in that response. he understands this is a pervasive crisis that threatens the moral underpinnings of our military. at risk are core values of trust, discipline and respect that every one of our service members expect and deserve to protect each other and ultimately to protect america. next wednesday, the army will appear before my defense appropriations subcommittee. we'll be asking some
of his defense of o.j. back in 2008 it was quote stellar. o.j.'s current attorney did everything he could during questioning to shut him down every turn of that 2008 trial. wanted to know where galanter spent o.j.'s defense money. why he didn't hire experts and why he allowed certain pieces of evidence in. the whole thing more stand off and debate than q and a. >> you can't pick and choose what comes in and comes out. >> you most certainly can if you have an expert that sifts through the audio and takes out objectionable parts, can't you? can't you? >> again,. >> can't you? >> again. >> can't you? >> again. >> can't you? we can go on all day. >> and the judge had to step in numerous times today, harris. >> harris: wow. "can't you." there is also a question of whether the former attorney kept details of a possible plea bargain from o.j. simpson. >> that's right it really could come down to who the judge believes. galanter or his former client because they really have opposite things to say on this. >> did you ever hear about a two to five. >> no. >> did you ever hear about a 35 month to 5.
. the adhesive helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. >>> angelina jolie made headlines this week, revealing she underwent a preventative double mastectomy. the reason, she tested positive for a gene mutation that put her at a high risk for breast cancer, 87% risk according to her doctor. that same gene also puts her at a 50% risk for ovarian cancer. jolie said she made the decision with the support of her family, her partner, brad pitt, their six children. i want you to step back and imagine making that same decision as a young woman, not married, wants to have children, but doesn't have children yet, and for the rest of your dating life, you have to tell potential boyfriends, other people about surgeries. talk about pretty uncomfortable things. my next guest, tested positive for the brick wca gene, she mad decision to have a double mastectomy and to have her ovaries removed. let's talk about how old you were when you made this choice. i know it took you two years to decide to have that test. and then quickly you decided
in independent investigations and don't give the appearance of doing so. >> how good a defense is that? how good a defense is that? >> i think it's a great defense in terms of the department of justice. you're exactly right. it's an appearance he was meddling in that investigation, it would be improper. with the other investigation, the i.g.'s investigation into the irs, i think he came out saming to not know what was going on at the irs. reports we heard about. issa had known about this i think a year ago and there have been reports in papers about this investigation, about this possible, a possibility of improper behavior. i think the takeaway for the irs, if you read that i.g. report, it is -- there is not sense of this was necessarily political, but it appears it was incompetent and i think you will have tea party groups on name dropping this scandal. some call it scandal. some say it's scandal sort of in quotes, bufrt i think this is going to be something that's motivating and what you learn from mitch mcconnell's interview there is that they are prepared to have this narrative where the ir
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broke the tie. the team kicked up the defense to keep the padres from tying it up again. nats win 6-5. >>> a beer at the ball games not cheap and this fan knows it. take a look at this video. there you go. fan in colorado makes an awesome grab on a home run ball and spills just a drop of his beer. >> it was all foam. >> and the guy in the purple hat catches it. the crowd goes wild. they are cheering. not everyone is that lucky. a fan in anaheim wasn't as talented. it's an epic crash between him and some other fans chasing a foul ball. they all get wet instead. >>> tonight is a season finale of "saturday night live." it ends with a farewell to a long-time cast member. mark barger reports. >> we got the girl. i've got to get out of here. >> reporter: after eight seasons of memorable impressions and indelible characters, senat"sat night live"'s bill hader says good-bye after this week's edition hosted by ben affleck. >> hi, my name is bill hader and i like it funky and sweet. >> reporter: hader said leaving snl was a hard decision but it has to happen at some point. seth meyers is also
actually become. defense secretary chuck hagel said friday the military will do whatever needs to be done to handle the crisis. >> we are looking at everything, we are listening to victims carefully, closely, we are not taking anything off the table and we want to understand all that's best. >> new york democrat congresswoman louise slaughter joins me live now from washington, d.c. congresswoman, good to see you. >> good to see you, craig. thank you for having me. >> we want to dying in this thing a little bit. >> yes. >> you you have been an advocate for victims' members of the military who have been sexually abused, the problem, as we have been learning, the problem is extreme, to say the least. last year alone there were 26,000 incidents, more than 1700 people were charged, just 238 of those folks were convicted. what's happening in the u.s. military? >> i think it's the culture, craig, and you're right, i have been working on this for 20 years, i don't know if we are going to be able to solve it i'm somewhat comforted by legislation i was able to get something in few years ago called
will meet with his joint chiefs and the defense secretary, matt, to focus on the issue of sexual assault within the military. mr. obama will also face more tough questions today hosting a press conference alongside the turkish prime minister. >> peter alexander at the white house, thank you. we want to bring in chuck todd. northbound's chief white house correspondent and political chief director. good morning. >> good morning. >> wonder what the thinking is inside the white house. they you and i both know often they look at things like this and say, oh, this is a faux washington scandal, it will blow over. seems to be different this time. seems to be genuine concern. >> it was typical white house reaction, they underreact, underreact, and then they do it in one day and try to get it all behind them. the story they're most concerned about is the irs. they don't think any other story will penetrate with the public. the irs gets the credibility of the government. this is the government that's trying to implement health care, trying to reform the immigration system. if the irs is not trusted
about what was unfolding. democrats coming to her defense and republicans saying that's not true. that time line doesn't mesh she did oversee the subordinates who knew what was going on with the irs. >> let's be clear, there was not a single tea party group to receive irs tax exempt status for 27 months. meanwhile all kinds of left wing progressive groups got their status including flakey ones, a flake charity called the barack h. ba ramah in alexandria virginia is not even real and they got it in 32 days. >> so fast the turnover for any democratic. >> not just the republicans being prevented from entering into political debate democrats got fast tracked. >> alisyn: curious to see how much money people make and look at their paychecks. this is what has been published about sarah hall ingram when she was in charge. in $2,009,179,000. almost $180,000. her salary went up during the course of those three years with bonuses. can you see she got some significant bonuses to $212,000 in 2011, $203,000 in 2012. >> tea party members saying and tea party groups saying this absolutely cannot
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of the area and conditions made it difficult to prepare a defense. white is one of 25 including 13 female corrections officers alleging widespread corruption inside the baltimore detention center and we also learned the head of the investigative unit is leaving for the u.s. department of veterans affairs. jesse ballard oversaw investigations and they say ballard's move is not connected to the corruption case. >> we are learning about a grizzly discovery, baltimore police are investigating a woman's death as a homicide. they found the woman's body and say an injured male was transported to a hospital. no word yetn how the woman died or the extent of the man's injuries, but police say they do believe the crime was domestic. >> in an attempt to curb animal abuse it started with the -- ing of a vicious dog vicious burning of a dog in 19 in 2009. >> police released this report only after we asked when it would be made public. a pit bull named phoenix burned so badly in 2009 she eventually had to be euthanized. it led to national charges and led then mayor sheila decisions on the set up an anim
of doing. >> phil black reporting for urs this morning. >>> the news department on the defense after the associated press said the justice department secretly collected telephone records of its reporters and editors. a bit of a o1-2 punch that it dd target conservative groups for extra scrutiny. cnn is covering all of these developments. crime and justice department joe johns and chief congressional correspondent dana bash join me now. joe, i start with you. the two months worth of records, do we have any idea why it did this? >> the government has not said why it needed the information but apparently the latest controversial attempt to investigate unauthorized disclosure of classified information leaks. an investigation was promised after a story surfaced in may of 2012 about an alleged bomb plot that failed against a u.s.-bound plane. the associated press says the government subpoenaed this information two months of telephone records, five reporters, an editor all at the associated press that we know of from bureaus in d.c., new york and connecticut. members of congress from both p
for millions of americans, i'd like to have a chance to vote against the defensive marriage act 40 more times. i had the pleasure to vote against it in 1996, i'm sure there's a new generation of members who would like to vote against it, and i would like to do it again. furthermore, i regret being a teenager when the civil rights act was voted on. i'd like to chance to lend my support to that landmark law. to be able to cast a vote to go to war against nazi germany would be very satisfying to me and i've contributed to social security my whole life and since my father was not a member of congress in 1932, i would like to vote on his behalf to support the creation of social security. i was a student of history in my youth and i feel very sfrongly that the compromise of 1850 was a point of no return leading to the civil war. i'd like a chance to vote against it. i ask that the republican leadership add all of these to the agenda in the weeks to come. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. engel: can i get 30 more seconds? mr. pallone: i yield the gentleman another 30 sec
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